Golf swing stance / club face misalignment and bad offline aiming PERMANENTLY fixed FOR ALL!

World’s only 3-in-1¬†Exact Golf Alignment System


Perfect aligned club face and direct aiming

Tip #20: Perfect Your Alignment

Alignment is my No. 1 priority when I begin to play a golf shot. And because accurate alignment is a demanding and sometimes “ELUSIVE” quality. Consider what can happen when you’re inattentive to your alignment. Remember, you’re trying to hit a 1.68-inch diameter ball a distance of 250 yards or more into a 4.25-inch diameter hole, with a clubface moving at a speed of 90 miles an hour or so. On a tee-shot, an error in alignment of five degrees can usually mean a ball in the rough rather than the fairway. An error of 10 degrees may mean a hazard, a lost ball, or out-of-bounds. Read More

Drive for show & align for $$Dough$$